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4160 Tuesdays

'Proper perfumes, handmade in London'

Most perfume brands have their fragrances made by specialist perfumers to their exact needs. We’re a bit different because we love the real hands on creative part of it all. Since 2012, 4160 Tuesdays has grown organically, but we never want to get to the point where our friends can’t afford to buy a bottle.

We treat our customers the way we treat our friends. We love to talk with them about perfume and to be honest about what our scents are made from. Sarah has a scientific background and is really down to earth about her creations. While packaging is important to us, our aim is for people to love the perfumes and like the bottles rather than the other way around. We source packaging and materials locally whenever we can. We love being part of the growing, handmade London community.


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