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Cravat Club

'Great British Quality'
It all started when Julian, a burgeoning entrepreneur and avid cravat wearer, came up with the idea of Cravat Club. He had always been a fan of cravats but had noticed there was a serious lack of choice, as most cravats he found online and in stores had a tendency to either have very uninspiring patterns, or made cheaply abroad which lacked quality. So he decided he would have superior quality silk cravats made from scratch here in the UK in more interesting patterns and colours. After 5 years in Japan, Jenny decided to return to the UK with her Japanese husband, and stumbled across Julian’s business venture. Intrigued by the idea of bringing the cravat back into fashion, she was eager to get involved and help to develop Cravat Club as a brand. Menswear was something she was interested in, and like many women, was a strong advocate of men who dress well and take care of their appearance.

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