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Squidge & Pip

'Squidge' Sensory Teething Toy

'Squidge' Sensory Teething Toy

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Sensory teething toy that will stimulate your baby's senses & soothe & relieve the discomfort of teething gums.

Squidge & Pip standup, making a great visual aid for younger babies, their bright and bold shape and colour appeal to your baby’s developing vision.

Each toy comes with its own handy travel pouch & is beautifully packaged to make that perfect statement gift.

Squidge's ergonomic shape is attachable & easy to grip for even the smallest of hands

Tactile & textured features that help to stimulate your baby's senses & help babies learn about different shapes while developing the muscles needed for speech & weaning development

Hygienic - Squidge is fully waterproof & steam sterilisable

The silicone used is medical grade, & is totally non toxic, contains no lead, latex, BPA, PVC or phthalates. It is used in most dummies, teats & by the medical industry as it does not support the growth of Bacteria

Can be steam sterilized or washed with warm soapy water

Squidge & Pip sensory teethers are best left to air dry

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'Squidge' Sensory Teething Toy

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