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Footstool - Feather

Footstool - Feather

Feet up with a footstool!

Solid yet comfortable, our footstool demands that you relax and let the world go by! As well as helping you to get your feet up it doubles up as a side table to our matching deckchairs. Available in our full range of patterns.

Solid teak frame which matches our balcony, wideboy and classic deckchair frames. Comes fully made with your chosen fabric design. Stainless steel silver and gold fastenings.

The fabric back support is removable and fully machine washable up to 40 degrees. We recommend storing inside when not in use. All deckchair fastenings are stainless steel, requiring little or no maintenance. The wooden deckchair frame will benefit from being treated with an appropriate wood oil every couple of years.


The fabric for our footstools and wider range is designed by us and manufactured in the UK. Each fabric cover is hand made in Kent and the final assembly is completed here too. The wood is a hard wood called merpauh and is from Indonesia. It is PEFC certified and produced from sustainable sources.

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Footstool - Feather

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