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Forge Denim

The Biker - Denim

The Biker - Denim

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Our inspiration for the Biker was the classic simple leather jacket worn by early motorcyclists. The jacket has a shorter, square cut with a shirt style yoke on the shoulders to improve the fit and we have added two small vents on the back for ease of movement.

To add a distinctive twist this version is made from 13 oz Kuroki denim, with a selvedge seam feature on the inside of the back panel. The jacket is finished with the same stainless steel buttons and durable ‘run and fell’ seams used in our range of jeans.

Two rounded external pockets with an angled opening for ease of access

An internal pocket for your phone or wallet

Stainless steel cuff buttons stamped with the Forge Denim logo, covered on the inside of the sleeve to ensure that your watch remains unscratched

YKK Excella metal zip (silver)

Our mission is to make the best clothing that we can, with the finest quality materials and the best craftsmanship. All of our jackets are manufactured in England by a company who have been producing quality clothing for over 150 years. Every style in our range is produced as a limited run made with fabrics sourced from specially selected English companies, and we insist that each part of the manufacturing process, including the internal seams and stitching of our garments, is crafted with the same care and attention to detail.

p>Raw denim ages beautifully. The material will show individual characteristics – the variable texture of the yarn, the pattern of the fade and the slight twist to the seams which will be unique to you. When new, the indigo dye can transfer on to other fabrics, surfaces and skin. Over time this loss of colour will reduce.

There are endless debates about how often you should wash denim, and whether you should leave your jeans for six months before washing. It’s a personal choice and partly depends on how often you wear your jeans and what you do in them.

The way in which raw denim fades is a result of the dye on denim cloth being only present around the outside of the thread, leaving a white core. (Think of a stick of blue rock.) The longer you go without washing your jeans, the more the dye will be rubbed off during the day to day wear, revealing the white thread underneath. Your jeans will develop an individual fade and look, based on how you wear them. If, on the other hand, you wash your jeans regularly, they will develop a more uniform fade. The choice is yours.

Always wash your jeans separately. Turn them inside out and wash, preferably in cold water, or at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry. Iron inside out on a warm setting if needed.

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The Biker - Denim

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