Best of Britannia exhibitors Pop Up all over London

June 18, 2021 15.22

Whilst in search of an appropriate bolthole to find a refreshing drink (ok cocktail) at the end of a hard day’s graft (not down a pit or anything but hard just the same) BOB came across a mini-oasis in Hoxton Square. The words “Private Event” didn’t put us off – especially when we saw the words “Fever Tree”, “Gin”, “Tonic”, “Ultimate” and “Pop-up” all in the same sentence with “Bar” above the door.

Gin and Tonic

Using some Jedi tactics we negotiated our way in to the press launch of the Fever Tree pop-up bar newly located in Hoxton Square where we sampled some of the hospitality which awaits visitors to Best of Britannia this year where Fever Tree are also bringing their Gin and Tonic experience.

Fever Tree 2

The (no.16) Hoxton Square pop-up is located in a former Victorian school gym and has a lovely little terrace to sup your G&T with an unbelievable choice of over 160 different gins from distilleries all over the world to accompany the five different Fever Tree tonics (we like the elderflower variety the best accompanying a Martin Miller gin).

Fever Tree 3

The bar is open from now until 26th July and as well as cocktails will also be hosting supper club evenings so check out or just pop in and go for a “G&Tree Flight” where you can try no less than four different G&T’s for just £12 with £2 going to Malaria No More UK. As the Governor of California once said “we’ll be back”


Also popping up soon and until August, at Richard James in Savile Row, is the very beautiful custom-built bike from the lovely Vickers Bicycle Company.

Vickers Bicycle Company

Called the “Sundown Town” it marks the visit to Britain of the Tour De France – a race won we might add for the last two years by Brit’s – at least one of whom (we doff our caps Sir Bradley) is also immaculately turned out – especially when not in the saddle. With a powder-blue and yellow colour-scheme inspired by Richard James’ Sundown collection the very special unique one-off bike will be on display until 3rd August. So if you’re passing Savile Row pop in and have a look, we at BoB have already seen it when we popped in to the Vickers workshop and were very nearly chased away by the very able guard-dog Bernard and can confirm that in cycling terms it is a thing of beauty.

Colour Inspiration

The attention to detail by the makers is incredible with the subtle use of coloured spoke nipples through to the Brooks saddle mirroring a summer espadrille which might be worn to accompany the powder-blue suit. The finishing touch is the stem mounted brass bell which brings to mind the sun setting over the azure sea, slowly sinking toward the horizon of the top tube. Wowzers. Or woof as Bernard might say, a lot.

You can find out a little more info here: