Royal approval at Best of Britannia!

July 16, 2021 15.25

In a previous blog entry we mentioned that our children had from time to time accused us of not looking after their interests fully enough at BoB. We listened, acted and now there are a plethora of childrens’ brands on board with us.

At the other end of the spectrum our parents have from time to time commented, not that there was nothing at BoB for them (as clearly there is loads for them to take a look at and buy), but that really we should get William and Kate down (along with David and Boris while we are at it). Well last year we got a letter of support from Boris and whilst the invites have gone out, we have yet to be able to welcome George and his parents along to our event. We do however have a couple of brands who, in all of their UK product anyway have the most direct link to Royalty of all – the Queens head. The Royal Mint is one of the world’s oldest and most venerable organisations, with an unbroken history of minting British coinage dating back over 1000 years. Though more than ten centuries have passed since then, The Royal Mint’s reputation for both quality and integrity has always endured.

The Royal Mint

While The Royal Mint’s finest traditions are always respected, it continually innovates in order to stay at the forefront of world minting, embracing the latest production techniques and technology in order to offer excellence to their clients across the globe. By underpinning their proud heritage with a highly progressive outlook, coins from The Royal Mint remain a byword for trust and reliability the world over. ——————————————————————————————————————

Royal Mail

A spring chicken by comparison the Royal Mail has only been around for a mere 175 years during which time Royal Mail Stamps have been a unique and iconic symbol of British life. As miniature works of art, as magnificent as they are universal, they have reflected the nation’s changing passions, peculiarities and interests.  This new range of contemporary homewares cleverly reinterprets the iconography and imagery associated with the humble postage stamp. Beautiful, quirky and original, this limited edition range which will be showing at BoB for the first time this year combines authentic elements from stamp design with British craftsmanship and manufacturing. This range is sure to delight anyone interested in authentic British products with a story to tell. As all previous visitors to BoB will testify what sets us apart from other shows is the sheer range of product on display at the event and what makes us unique is the quality of entertainment, art and culture which keeps our visitors happy long into the night at our very special Clerkenwell home.


Meantime London

To help keep the conversation going and to accompany the music on offer from some of the UK’s hottest prospects, what better way we feel than to sip on one of the amazing range of flavours from our Meantime Bar – whether your tipple is a lager, an Indian Pale Ale or one of the more obscure flavoured ales and porters you cannot fail to enjoy.  Meantime Brewing Company is a premium modern craft brewery that takes authentic recipes and improves them through innovation and technologically advanced techniques to deliver maximum taste and flavour. Meantime is a local brewer, whose beers are born and brewed in London. London is the historical capital of brewing, steeped in history and excellence.  Meantime was founded thirteen years ago in Greenwich, London by Munich-trained brewmaster Alastair Hook. The company is now one of the UK’s largest craft brewers and still continues to make its beers in the same way, having built a state-of-the-art brewery in 2010. There are seven bottled beers in Meantime’s core bottled range: London Lager, London Pale Ale, Meantime Chocolate Porter, Pilsner, Wheat, Raspberry and London Stout.

Meantime London 2


But and there must be a but – if you are more of a cider drinker but have yet to sample the exquisite blend of Porter ale and Herefordshire cider now is your chance William Sharvatt’s London Velvet Beer is a new, innovative and unique craft beer, developed from an understanding of, and respect for, two of the great brewing traditions of Britain, namely traditional London Porter and Herefordshire Cider. By blending these two heritage drinks we have created a drink with a rich creamy stout aroma and flavour, followed by the subtle sweetness of cider. London Velvet is not just a combination of two drinks, our Master Brewers have crafted a blend that creates a new refreshing and highly drinkable taste experience.

Meantime London 3

Much, much, much more news next week

London Velvet